National Civil Protection Week

Settimana Nazionale della Protezione Civile 2023

The fifth edition of the National Civil Protection Week will take place from 9 to 15 October 2023, launched in 2019 to celebrate the International Day for Natural Disaster Risk Reduction on 13 October every year.

The aim of the Week is to raise awareness among citizens on civil protection themes, for a conscious approach to the territory that also includes the new global challenges of climate change. A conscious citizen, is a citizen aware of choices, capable of adopting correct behaviour to reduce risks and protect the environment.

The 2023 edition focuses on young people with the release of the comic strip "L'attimo decisivo" produced in the framework of the agreement between the Civil Protection Department and the Ministry of Education and distributed to all secondary school students. On 13 October, it will be read, discussed and explored in class with the help and support of teachers.

A map with detailed information on all scheduled events, promoted by the Department and the territories with the involvement of the world of institutions and scientific research, citizens and civil protection volunteers, is available in this section.

An agenda full of opportunities for discussion and knowledge that will close, as every year, with I Don't Take Risks, the campaign on good civil protection practices that will see initiatives in hundreds of Italian municipalities.

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To organise an initiative within the National Civil Protection Week
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Established in 2019 by Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers, the National Civil Protection Week takes place every year in...