Events promoted by the Department

Gli eventi promossi dal Dipartimento - Settimana Nazionale della Protezione Civile

This page contains a list of events promoted by the Department as part of National Civil Protection Week, organized by date

In the civil protection system, at the national and European levels, scenarios and risk maps are crucial. These tools effectively play an important role according to the type of event considered, in all phases of the risk cycle. The issue of the definition, modeling, validation, and use of reference scenarios and models for different risks is linked to scientific knowledge in constant evolution, also considering the rapid update of the technologies.

The different ways in which these tools are developed and the assessment of the related uncertainties are the focus of the workshop "The Role of the Scientific Community in the Definition of Risk Scenarios and Maps for Civil Protection," scheduled for Oct. 10 at the Department's operational headquarters, as part of the day of "Science for Civil Protection."

The Civil Protection Department, continuing the knowledge-sharing experience started in 2021 with the Centers of Competence, promotes a day of discussion among the scientific community, decision-makers, and civil protection operators that takes into account risk models, events, and impact scenarios related to civil protection risks, the contexts within which these are or can be used, and the technologies and methodologies employed for their realization with a focus on both, criticalities and future developments.

A workshop dedicated to the Observatory of Good Civil Protection Practices, a tool provided for by Legislative Decree No. 1 of Jan. 2, 2018, will be held in Rome on Oct. 10 at the Department's operational headquarters.

The day, organized with the support of the Cima Foundation, represents a moment to share the work achieved following the meetings with the different referents of the National Service of Civil Protection, stemming from the discussion launched in 2021, also within the framework of the Civil Protection Week, on the Observatory's organizational methods and governance.

A seminar on " Activating Territorial Partnerships in Response to Civil Protection Risk Scenarios. A strategy for the involvement of the country's social capital through the Department of Civil Protection's partnership agreements." The seminar is aimed at the organizations that, in different ways, have a partnership agreement with the Department with which a phase of training on specific issues will start.

The Civil Protection Department has been pursuing a strategy of alliances with territorial networks, which constitute a valuable basis for the mobilization and response of the social capital, to cope with emergencies in continuous evolution and of increasing complexity. The seminar is as an opportunity for dialogue and discussion on trends, technological and social changes that define new risk scenarios and new possibilities for response. Representatives of Confindustria, Coldiretti, Utilitalia, ANBI, UNPLI, Lions, Leo, Rotary, Soroptimist International d'Italia and Cittadinanzattiva will take part in the work, which will be introduced by the Head of the Department Fabrizio Curcio.

On the occasion of National Civil Protection Week, the Tuscany Region has organized a full calendar of initiatives dedicated to prevention. The focus of the program is the meeting in Florence on October 12 with mayors, province presidents and prefects on the issues of weather forecasting and warning, as part of which the guidelines for municipal emergency planning and the new optimal territorial areas of civil protection approved by the Regional Council will also be presented.

The meeting, which will take place from 10 AM at the Palazzo Guadagni Strozzi Sacrati in Piazza Duomo, can be watched live on the Civil Protection Tuscany Region YouTube channel.

But the Tuscan agenda also includes several other initiatives aimed at local government technicians and civil protection volunteers. In fact, also in Florence, from October 10 to 14, a series of thematic workshops are scheduled dedicated to the new regional web system for emergency management (SOUP-RT), weather alert and color codes, the intervention of the regional mobile column, the management of an emergency and post-emergency, with a focus on the expense reporting platform (FENIX-RT), and finally on funding methods and legal benefits for civil protection volunteers.

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More information in the dedicated section on the Regione Toscana website

On Oct. 10-15, the civil protection exercise "RISK SIS.MA. 2022," under the 11th edition of the City Safety Week, part of the United Nations' campaign  "Making Cities Resilient". The exercise, based on the emergency scenario provided in the municipal plan, simulates a magnitude 6.3 earthquake in the city of Messina, followed by a tsunami.

The exercise activities include the participation of institutions in the area, schools in districts 28 and 29, the University of Messina, health facilities, and also the population will be directly involved in evacuation tests. A conference on "Science and Civil Protection: from risk knowledge to prevention," in collaboration with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, is planned as part of the City Safety Week. The meeting, scheduled for Oct. 14 at the Aula Magna of the University of Messina, is aimed primarily at professional orders but is also open to students, volunteers, and all interested citizens.

As part of National Civil Protection Week 2022, the Department of Fire, Public Rescue and Civil Defense has planned a series of initiatives involving its territorial branches.
For the entire week, the stations will open their doors in the morning to school classes willing to visit the operational rooms and facilities of the Fire Department. The goal is to spread knowledge about the territory, the risks that affect it and, more generally, the activities of civil protection.
On October 13, the stations will open to all interested citizens and at the Operational Room of the Command Headquarters in Rome, the Head of the Department of Fire, Public Rescue and Civil Defense Laura Lega will meet the Head of the Civil Protection Department Fabrizio Curcio, along with the Head of the National Fire Department Guido Parisi.

ANCI Marche, in collaboration with UNIVPM-Università Politecnica delle Marche, is organizing the conference "Climate Change, Communities and Resilient Mayors: contributions and reflections with the university world" on October 11. As part of the meeting, the theme of a solidarity network activated in emergencies by the regional and national ANCI system and the possibilities that can arise from a strategy of alliances between communities, local administrators and territorial networks will be explored.
After institutional greetings, the first session of the proceedings will address the issue of climate change in relation to the role of the scientific community, with insights on hydraulic risk,and the health system. The second session, titled "National Civil Protection Service and Resilient Communities," will include a discussion between the Head of Department Fabrizio Curcio and the mayors of several municipalities in the Marche region affected by the flooding last September 15.

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"The key role of municipalities in the civil protection system: from planning to emergency management" is the title of the conference organized by ANCI Umbria and ANCI Umbria ProCiv on October 11 in Gualdo Cattaneo (Perugia). The event represents an important opportunity for regional ANCIs to discuss local planning issues within the Civil Protection Code.

During the morning, after the institutional greetings that will open the conference at 9 AM, the various territorial experiences will be illustrated with particular reference to the institutional role and responsibilities of the mayor as the first civil protection authority. In the afternoon, from 2 PM, a panel discussion on geographic information systems in civil protection planning will follow, with a focus on spatial analysis and civil protection volunteering support.

Organized Civil Protection volunteers are participating in "future exercises" promoted by the Department of Sociology and Social Research at the University of Trento. On October 11 in Rome, at the operational headquarters of the Civil Protection Department, the working methodology will be tested, with the aim of broadening the time horizons on which strategic forecasts and related programming and planning are set. Roberto Poli, full professor at the University of Trento in the Department of Sociology and Social Research and director of the first Italian master's degree in Future Studies, sponsored by UNESCO, will curate the initiative: an innovative field of research that focuses on anticipatory behavior, in which futures enter the decision-making process as tools to support strategic decisions.

During the event organized at the Department, groups of Civil Protection volunteers will be involved in these "futures exercises" so as to initiate a shared path of reflection on volunteer developments. Also as part of the National Civil Protection Week, a webinair is scheduled on October 14 to follow up on the work started on October 11 with a wider audience of participants, for a reflection on the topics covered.

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The Calabria Region is organizing many initiatives as part of the National Civil Protection Week. 

An advanced inter-regional course for Civil Protection volunteers is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 12 in Catanzaro, at the Germaneto logistics hub. The training initiative - carried out before the national exercise "Exe Stretto 2022," which will take place in Calabria and Sicily from November 3 to 6 - and will cover the procedures for activating  the emergency response resources to assist the population.

On October 14, the workshop "Civil Protection exercises as a tool for non structural prevention" is scheduled in Reggio Calabria, a day that will start at 9 AM at the Corrado Alvaro Palace, headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria.

The weekend of October 15 and 16, on the other hand, is dedicated to the national campaign " I don't take risks," which will see Civil Protection volunteers engaged in the dissemination of good practices to citizens in 65 squares throughout the region.

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A conference organized by the Campania Region in collaboration with the INGV-National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology's Vesuvius Observatory and the Department of Civil Protection is scheduled for October 12 in Procida, Italy's Capital of Culture 2022. The conference, open to the public, will be an opportunity to tell with a multidisciplinary approach-geological, historical, anthropological, literary-volcanoes and their presence in the everyday life of communities through interactions with the territory, culture, and art.
The activity of the volcanoes is the focus of a vast literary heritage of ancient texts, documents and travel diaries, as well as a rich iconographic production. The narration of these precious ethno-anthropological records can contribute to spread the culture of civil protection towards a greater awareness to perceive risk.

The event will be transmitted in live streaming.

On October 12, the Region of Liguria has organized an initiative to thank those who have contributed to dealing with emergencies on the ground in recent years. The event "2020-2022: three years of commitment and growth of the Regional Civil Protection System," will take place in Genoa's Piazza De Ferrari starting at 10 AM, with thematic stands where volunteers and institutional components of the Regional System will meet citizens. At 4 PM, a brief discussion on the most recent emergencies is scheduled, with a focus on activities and results achieved, and the presentation of certificates of recognition to the System's actors.

On October 13, at 5:30 PM, "The Future of Emergency Telecommunications" will take place in Rome at the operational headquarters of the Department of Civil Protection. The event will spotlight the naming of the National Alternative Emergency Radio Communications Network in memory of its founder, Giuseppe Zamberletti. The Head of Department Fabrizio Curcio will send a special radio message for the occasion from the operational station at the Department's headquarters on Via Vitorchiano.

The Honorable Giuseppe Zamberletti founded the National Network during the earthquakes in Friuli in 1976 and Irpinia in 1980 to ensure stability and security for radio transmissions, especially in the event of the collapse of other communication infrastructures. Activated by operators of the ARI-Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, the network consists of three main stations-Varese for the North, Siena for the Center, and Regio Calabria for the South-to ensure coverage over the whole country. The National Network includes, besides the station at the Department's headquarters, other stations at prefectures and at the Ministry of the Interior. The functionality of equipment and procedures is periodically tested during exercises. In about 40 years, the National Network has been activated 455 times.

On Thursday, October 13, on the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, "The Civil Protection System and the Management of Recent Emergencies" takes place in Potenza at the Teatro stabile. The meeting opens at 9:30 AM and involves mayors, the scientific community, and Civil Protection Operational Structures. At the center of the discussion is the organization of the National Service as redefined by the Civil Protection Code. The discussion starts from the management of the recent emergencies for the Coronavirus and the crisis in Ukraine. Emergency planning, warning systems and, more generally, sector (municipal, health, school) organizational models will also be discussed.

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On October 13 in Rome, at the operational headquarters of the Department of Civil Protection, the Head of the Department Fabrizio Curcio and the President of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association-AISM Onlus Francesco Giuseppe Vacca will sign, in a network framework between Third Sector subjects and state institutions, the memorandum of understanding on activities of common interest in the field of civil protection.

Thanks to this institutional partnership, aimed at strengthening their respective capacities, AISM intends to provide the Department with support for prevention and management activities in emergency contexts in which there are people with Multiple Sclerosis or, more generally, with disabilities for which AISM has developed technical and scientific expertise over time.

The signing of the protocol follows a long-standing collaboration, at the national and local level, starting with the 2009 Abruzzo earthquake emergency and ending with the recent Coronavirus emergency, during which interventions aimed at ensuring that people with disabilities and serious illnesses have access to care and basic goods/services.

A seminar organized in collaboration with UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is scheduled to take place in Rome, with the participation of third sector and private social entities with which the conventions for the widespread reception carried out in the national territory in favor of people from Ukraine have been signed.

The seminar aims to share experiences and operational tools for the mitigation of the risk of gender-based violence and mechanisms for the protection of minors, also with a view to producing a practical guide to use in the framework of the widespread reception.

The seminar also provides an opportunity to share, with third sector and private social entities involved in widespread reception, the activities that the Department of Civil Protection and SDA-Bocconi are implementing with the aim of defining shared guidelines for the evaluation of the social impact of interventions and measures adopted for the reception of people fleeing the ongoing war events in Ukraine.

The workshop "Activities for Overcoming Civil Protection Emergencies. The events of autumn 2018: storm Vaia." Direct experiences, results achieved and lessons learned. Representatives of the Veneto Region, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, Autonomous Province of Trento, Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Municipality of Venice, and Civil Protection Department will participate in the meeting, scheduled for Oct. 14 at 2 PM. A panel discussion with Civil Protection Directors from the Autonomous Regions and Provinces will follow.