Preparatory meetings

Between February and March 2022 in Rome, at the operational headquarters of the Civil Protection Department, eight working tables took place to discuss the preparatory activities for the Stati Generali del Volontariato.

Days of discussion and work attended by representatives of the Volunteers of Civil Protection, the Department of Civil Protection, the Centers of Competence, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, and experts.

The participants discussed eight different topics with the aim of exploring them in depth during the Stati Generali in order to identify future needs, ideas and proposals for the Civil Protection Volunteers.

The Working Table analyzed the rules on safety applied to the world of Civil Protection Volunteers, with particular attention to the aspects of control and health surveillance.

The Working Table analyzed the approach of the Organized Volunteers to the search for resources. Public contributions or major funders are supplemented by new forms of funding thanks to the web. This leads to the development of a managerial activity (communication and marketing) with specialized figures inside the organizations.

The working table analyzed institutional communication strategies, both internal to the system and addressed to citizens. The communication strategies of the National Committee of Civil Protection Volunteers have also been analyzed, both from within and in relations with national and territorial associations, as well as towards the Department and the Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

The Working Table examined the key values of Volunteering in the light of the acquired experience, awareness and responsibility of the last ten years, also focussing on the civil society

The working table, starting from the past experiences has highlited the possible challenges to voluntering in the next ten years. The objective is to foster the generational change within the organizations and involve the young people with the civil service and the school- work alternation project. 

The role of civil protection volunteers is defined by institutions and citizens as fundamentally important.

Legislative Decree no. 1 of 2018 regulates and incentivizes the participation of citizens in all those initiatives aimed at strengthening the resilience of communities. Among the activities covered by the regulations there are those supporting the competent authorities in the preparation and implementation of civil protection plans, even if regional administrations are not always aware of the great resource represented by volunteers.

The working table examined the role of organized volunteering within the National Service. The participation of volunteering to the observatory of good practices of civil protection was among the topic addressed. 


Over the last years, the participation of organized civil protection volunteers has broadened to international contexts, both in the planning and in the emergency field. 

The working table, recalling the most significant experiences abroad, has offered moments of reflection and discussion on the potential opportunities for organizations in the international context.